These examples demonstrate a few simple Macker rules files. They include code and working Ant scripts, so you can futz with them as you like; they're under doc/example/ in the Macker distro. (You will need to get Ant version 1.5.) You can also just peruse the examples in your browser.

To try an example:

The examples all share some Ant targets from the file doc/example/build-shared.xml, which you can adapt for your own projects.


Contains the not-very-practical basic example from the first section of the user's guide. Not a bad place to get started if you just want a working configuration to play with.


Demonstrates some rules for a layered (a.k.a. n-tiered, if you're into the business-speak) architecture. The sample code is split into GUI, model, and persistence classes with specific roles.


Demonstrates rules for componentized architecture in which two different pieces with parallel structures talk to one another through an API. Demonstrates how to use the <foreach> tag.


Demonstrates rules for tying rules to implementation conventions, such as whether classes are final, or what implements what. Contains examples of patterns built with filters.

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