Copyright rules for Paul's Music

Creative Commons License

All the music recordings and scores on this site are protected by copyright, and are shared under a Creative Commons BY-NC License.

What does that mean? You can download and listen to the music for free. You are even free to share it or use it in your own projects, on two conditions:

  • It must be non-commercial use.
  • You must credit the performer and composer, and the credits must include the URL of this web site.*

Any other use requires the explicit written permission of the copyright holder. Please with questions. I am usually generous about granting non-commercial exceptions, especially for films, dances, remixes, and other artistic projects.

* If redistribution is through a web site, then every page which includes or links to the music must include a clickable link to this site which does not have a rel="nofollow" attribute. If redistribution is through a medium which does not allow clickable links (e.g. a movie), use either or

Note: This is information about the copyright of music on Paul Cantrell's site. If you are looking for information on music copyright in general, I recommend reading about current copyright law and the idea of copyright licenses.

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