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Bach Sinfonia 5

The first Bach of the weblog, one of his sinfonias (also known as three-part inventions). The three parts in this one are not obvious at first: the upper two voice are wonderfully intertwined, and do an intricate little tango together as third voice turns slowly through a cycle of Bach permutations underneath. I love the way it unfolds.

Sinfonia No 5
Paul Cantrell, piano

As I listen to myself play this one, it sounds like I’m still a bit tentative with a new piece — certainly there is room to be more expressive, and more fluid. I am pleased to have worked out the ornaments, though, which Bach only suggests and leaves largely at the performer’s liberty. (Those are are the little slides, twirls and general filigree in the upper voices.) I know now why these baroque performers made a custom of improvising ornaments: it’s fun!