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Brahms Intermezzo 117.1 (remastered)

This is the first recording I posted to In the Hands, so it seemed fitting that it be the first to go out in its remastered form.

It’s a piece Brahms wrote late in life, a lullaby. He included a motto at the top from an old Scottish folk song, which in modern English is roughly:

Sleep, my child, now sweetly sleep
It grieves my heart to see you weep.

Brahms is perhaps the most humane composer I know, most especially in these last piano pieces of his. I wrote last week about the embrace between the music and the listener. This music’s embrace is tender and compassionate, and in its arms, we are all children, all loved.

Intermezzo Op 117 No 1
Paul Cantrell, piano

For those listening closely, a fortuitous thunderclap snuck into the opening. I left it in.