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In college, I won an award from the Math/CS department for being the most outstanding procrastinator of my senior class. I don’t think it’s exactly fair to say that I procrastinate, though; I’m just perpetually late. My life is like a finely tuned Swiss watch that’s set to the wrong time.

So I finally got around to putting The Monster from Keys Please! up on the site. To celebrate the occasion, here’s the opening number in its original, bare, single-piano form:

The Monster’s Theme
Paul Cantrell, piano

Compare that with the full-on decked-out two-pianos-with-Todd-belting-it-out-in-his-monster-voice version from the concert!

I should mention that, if you’re one of these retro folks who likes physical media with high-quality sound and high-resolution artwork, you can buy the CD of the concert. This will also be of interest to those of you who like to support independent artists!

And, in keeping with the “always behind but never idle” theme of this post, I’ve revamped my music home page as I’ve been meaning to do for the last six months. New! Improved! Bright, not just white!

Chopin can often get complex, virtuosic, or just generally full of big piano sounds, but always, in everything he writes, there's something pure and elemental at heart of his music. In this waltz, that elemental core is bare. In a piece like this, it's hard for me not to look at the score and wonder: It's so simple! Where is the magic is hiding? How can there be so much in so few notes?