Track listing Chopin Etude No 13 Chopin Etude No 19 Beethoven Sonata Opus 110, first movement Cantrell: Three Places Sostenuto Freely Adagio Chopin Prelude No 1 Chopin Etude No 9 Chopin Prelude No 6 Chopin Etude No 3 Cantrell: ...And the Morning Stars Sang Together Chopin Nocturne Op 15 No 3 Cantrell: A Shadow in the Darkness Chopin Etude No 6 Chopin Ballade No 3

This is a recording of my senior recital as a student at Macalester. I have also made many more recent recordings.

You can see the written music for my original pieces.
Yes, they really are notated!

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Piano   Paul Cantrell
Guru/mentor   Don Betts
Composition teachers   Don Betts
Carleton Macy
Sound engineers   Jeff Feddersen
Arielah Moskow
Production   Paul Cantrell
Production assistance   Ed Forner
Dan Schwalbe
Gabe Heller

As Lord Brahma sleeps, he hears somethign lost mentioned in his dream of life, and he remembers and it appears again among us as it was long ago. - Mahabharata (trans William S. Buck)

1 Etude 13 in A flat major (Chopin)
2 Etude 19 in C sharp major (Chopin)
3 Sonata Opus 110, 1st mvt. (Beethoven)
  Three Places (Cantrell) [score]
4     Sostenunto
5     Freely
6     Adagio
7 Prelude 1 in C major (Chopin)
8 Prelude 9 in F minor (Chopin)
9 Prelude 6 in B minor (Chopin)
10 Etude 3 in E major (Chopin)
11 ...And the Morning Stars Sang Together
(Cantrell) [score]
12 Nocturne 6 in G minor (Chopin)
13 A Shadow in the Darkness (Cantrell) [score]
14 Etude 6 in E flat minor (Chopin)
15 Ballade 3 in A flat Major (Chopin)

Recorded May 3 (live) and 12 (not exactly live), 1998 at Janet Wallace Concert Hall Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

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