Piano Recording Method

The Burning Question

So, how does it sound?

The short answer is, “quite good for a home studio.” But in keeping with aphorisms about puddings and proofs, I've put together a comparison track which pairs several of my own recordings with professional recordings of the same pieces. Although interpretation also differs, which colors the comparison quite a lot, the set does do a good job of demonstrating the strong and weak points of the sound.

I've adjusted volumes to bring each excerpt pair to about the same level. Otherwise, all the excerpts from the professional recordings are unprocessed.

These are, by the way, all recordings I like and recommend.

Listen to comparison (7:32 / 10.4 M)
0:00Brahms Intermezzo 116.4DG 447446 (Gilels, 1976)
0:20In the Hands
0:41Chopin Nocturne 15.3Arabesque Z6653 (Ohlsson, 1995)
1:17In the Hands
2:12Chopin Fantasy (1)DG 423090 (Zimerman, 1988)
2:51In the Hands
3:25Chopin Fantasy (2)DG 423090 (Zimerman, 1988)
3:49In the Hands
4:15Chopin Nocturne 55.1Denon CO-18074 (Mejoueva, 1998)
4:54In the Hands
5:37Chopin Etude 25.1Chandos 8482 (Lortie, 1986)
5:50In the Hands
6:07Brahms Ballade 10.4London 455247 (Katchen, 196?)
6:30In the Hands

Personally I'm quite pleased with the results, but listen and decide for yourself. I'm curious what you think — and I'm especially curious about the home piano studio experiences of others — so please .

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The Broken Mirror of Memory

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