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selections in a form suitable for paper and other flat things

These downloads are all distributed under a "give them to your friends" sort of license (details). Please make use of this gift, and download a few! I also sell meticulously produced paper scores, printed at a very high quality on rugged, performance-ready 60lb cardstock. They are classy, and I think you would like one.

I hope people will realize that free of charge does not mean has no value. These pieces are incredibly labor-intensive to create. If you feel that the music has worth, if you feel that it has given you a little something, I hope you will consider giving a little something back.

I'd also love to swap printed scores and/or a CD of some of your own music, or creative work of any kind.

Bass Clarinet and Piano

The Broken Mirror of Memory
Winner of the Internation Clarinet
Association composition prize
Download – piano score, for perusal
Printed – bass cl. part + piano score, for performance
Part 1
Part 2
Full piece

Piano solo

In a Perfectly Wounded Sky Score Audio
Three Places Score Audio
A Shadow in the Darkness Score Audio
...And the Morning Stars Sang Together Score Audio

Works in progress:

Entropic Waltz Score Audio
Dance for Remembering and Forgetting Score Audio
Cradle Waltz Score Audio
Song for Lost Things Score Audio
Disembodied Dance Score Audio

You might also be interested in the rest of my music site, which is full of free recordings of classics such as Chopin and Brahms, and exciting new work from myself and others.