Opsipod FAQ

Picture of a foot with an eyeball on top
Is that really a foot with an eyeball on top?
Yep. It's a happy foot person.
So what's it doing there?
Who knows? Probably thinking some profound thought.
No, no, I mean, what is the foot's significance? What is it supposed to mean?
Nothing — it's just a foot with an eyeball on top.
Why is it the innig logo?
Because it makes me happy, and also because I can draw it (unlike, say, a snowy egret).
How do you know it's happy?
Oh, I just know. Happy foot people are always happy — thus the name. Doesn't it just look happy to you?
It doesn't seem to have a mouth. How do the happy foot people communicate?
How do they eat?
Very carefully.
How...never mind. I won't go there.
Where does it come from?
The dark recesses of my young imagination.
You're quite an odd cookie, you know that? That's the weirdest thing I've even seen in my life.
Then you probably should broaden your base of experiences — maybe get out more. So what's the weirdest thing you've seen somewhere other than your life?
Hey, I'm asking the questions here! OK, I concede it may not be the weirdest thing. But it's up there. And I still maintain that you are an odd cookie, and apparently an errant pedant as well.
True enough. Welcome to innig!
Thanks. So do you ever make up FAQ questions in order to have conversations with yourself?