Want to use this poem on your site?

Please do! I'd be delighted. My poems are free for all noncommercial use.

If you do, I have one favor to ask: please link back to innig.net. This ensures that I get credit for my work, and lets search engines know that you like my site. And, of course, it gives people the chance to read more poems here!

I think that's a pretty fair favor to ask.

You can link back by placing a by-line under the poem, like this:

<img src="https://innig.net/poems/bach.gif" border=0>
<p align="right">
<a href="https://innig.net/poems">(poem from innig.net)</a>

You can also just make the poem itself clickable, like this:

<a href="https://innig.net/poems"><img src="https://innig.net/poems/bach.gif" border="0"></a>