Paul’s Software

Interesting Projects

A lot of the code I’ve written over the years is plumbing that sits far out of the public eye, but I have done a few things visible to the public. Here are some of the niftier ones:

Make a Bonsai

Make your own virtual bonsai tree … using fractals. Fractals! Yesss! The app uses stochastic modeling of plant growth to create an infinite variety of trees, in full 3D, for you to interactively trim into a bonsai. Built with team Bust Out for the Como Conservatory, who also have a bunch of real bonsai trees that you should totally go see. Free on the App Store. (Requires an iPad.)

MinneBar session scheduler

MinneBar is one of the largest unconferences in … well, anywhere. There are presenters. There are timeslots. Who should present when? I wrote the scheduling algorithm that answers that question, using simulated annealing to assign sessions to time slots so as to minimize conflicts betwen sessions with overlapping audience interest. I gave a talk about the algorithm, and approaching discrete optimization problems in general — at MinneBar, of course!


It’s mayhem in ancient India! Cannibal demons are popping up everywhere! Brahmageddon is nigh! Yet all hope is not lost, for YOUR fingertips possess the awesome power of … demon smiting! Free on the App Store.

Tactile Unwrapping

HTML5 Canvas + a custom Javascript physics engine give e-gift cards a fully interactive ribbon that (presumably delighted) recipients can untie with a touch. Written for Cashstar, with Bust Out.

Arrivals: Kingston

Walk, and let your steps compose a unique musical piece out of sound fragments created by the excellent Viv Corringham.

Where We're Coming From

An interactive gallery piece created for W(e are )here: Mapping the Human Experience (which showed at Intermedia Arts). Tracks and visualized the trips people make to the gallery.

My-Cast for iPhone

I helped design and code the initial version of this mobile weather app. It’s changed significantly since I worked on it — but I see my sparklines are still there! I also wrote a lot of the server pumbing that generates the composite radar images. Not often I get paid to do trig.


Some of the more difficult clients I’ve worked with, but it was worth it to provide a valuable online resource to this underserved community.

Programming / Sysadmin Stuff


A Swift iOS REST client framework pulled from code I’d written for several Bust Out projects.

Closures in Ruby

A widely cited talk I gave to the Ruby Users of MN.


A Ruby gem for simulated annealing.


An architectural consistency checker for Java projects, based on user-definable rules.


A grab bag of Java utility classes.


A highly configurable utility to thwart a variety of brute force remote attacks. Moat monitors login attempts, and adds firewall rules to speed legitimate users and blacklist attackers.

Audio Utilities

Stereo Image Munger

Stereo image processing Audio Unit: does LR/MS conversion, widens/narrows stereo image, etc.

Gain Shaper

An Audio Unit for doing "manual compression" / gain enveloping in hosts that support AU parameter automation.

Really Ancient Stuff

Persian Rug

A fractal desktop generator for Mac OS 9.

Ocean Child
Gypsy Eyes
Quantum Vichyssoise

After Dark screen savers for OS 9. Ah, the nostalgia!