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I'm gradually factoring useful classes out of work I've done in the past, and am currently doing (such as Eidola and Macker). The result is this small collection of miscellaneous Java utilities, including a standard enumerated type base class, a TCP tunnel, a stream splitter, threading utilities, graph utilities, and several other generalizations / augmentations of the Java Collections API.

These utilities are available under a BSD-style license, which means that you can download, use, bundle, and redistribute them freely in your own professional and recreational programming projects.

The marvelous folks at Minnesota Public Radio deserve some special thanks for this -- they graciously agreed to donate the TCPTunnel and StreamSplitter classes, which I wrote while working there, to the community of open source programmers. Their flexibility and generosity in doing this is something companies would do well to emulate!

Warning: The BSD license also means that these utilities come with no warranty -- and some of this code is not production-quality work. Please check the javadoc for boxes with green borders, like this one, which comment on the maturity and stability of individual classes. And please help improve the code by sending your bug reports and suggestions.


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