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Zo: Quotes from the audience

Concerts like this make me want to live forever.

— Todd Harper
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A few words of thanks, Paul, for an exceptional and powerful experience. I hesitate to break the whole into parts, but a few component elements that stand out -- your expressive playing, the magnificent piano, the proximity of that incredible instrument to my (vibrating) body, the program of old and new. The fairly familiar Ballade was astonishingly new. The ultimate concert experience. Thanks.

— Steven Petrini
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I had never had a chance to hear a grand piano in such an intimate setting before, and it was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed the varied selections and appreciated the way Paul put them together ... Thank you!

— Diane Tessari
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The atmosphere is low key, almost casual, but the playing is anything but. This is a serious performer doing serious work ... Being so close to a piano that you can feel the vibrations in your chest is an experience not to be missed ... The intimacy of a "house concert" is striking and wonderful. I've stayed away from such events in the past out of shyness. Now I see what I have been missing.

— Greg Schaffner
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I wouldn't change anything except to charge a few more dollars and offer your audience a few treats afterwords, we'll be hooked then.

— Glen Helgeson
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This was a really wonderful experience - great people, great music, and a great piano.

Brian Roessler
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...and then there's what Carei and Joyce wrote, which I won't even try to excerpt!

These comments come from In the Hands, my music weblog, where I post the playlists from my concerts and ask people who were there to leave their thoughts. I also post recordings in the weblog, and they are free of charge and full of notes, so check it out! It's good clean fun for the whole cortex!