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How to bring joy to Paul's life

There’s been a general lack of comments in this blog lately — and I know it’s not because nobody’s listening, so I want to put out a special appeal to all of you out there to share your thoughts. Sure, part of the point of this blog is to get my music out there on its own in the big world, but I hope for communication in the other direction as well.

So, how do feel about the music you’ve heard here? Is it interesting? beautiful? puzzling? thought-provoking? disturbing? just plain weird? I guess I’m aiming for a little of all of those, so tell me what you think. Even if you just find it boring, which I’m definitely not aiming for, I’m still interested in hearing about it. In fact, you really don’t need to make a judgment at all; just share something that a piece touched off for you, an experience you had listening to it. How about the blog itself — its format, its content in general, the whole idea?

If you’ve been listening with interest, take a moment to find your favorite — or least favorite! — track, and click the “comments” link. Say what you think. Ask questions. Never be shy. Hearing your reactions encourages me to keep going with this project!