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Improvisation: Lingle

Recordings of compositions are many months, sometimes years, in preparation. It takes me a long time to learn pieces, and even longer to write them! But I’m sticking with this plan of posting a recording every Saturday and Tuesday regardless, which means that many of the recordings will be entirely spontaneous improvisations — like this one.

I’d originally meant to give all the improvs pleasing nonsense names, in the manner of Autechre, but for now, at least…

Paul Cantrell, piano, improvisation

…I’ll be naming them after towns in Wyoming.



I seriously do hope you do the L… Lingle T………. trilogy.

In the recordings, there’s an abrupt cessation of sound that is almost percussive – likely when you release the pedal? On my excellent b’day headphones, it’s just a bit distracting.

Carol Cantrell

I love these improvisations! Can’t wait for more!! The Torrington Lope is exactly what a Torrington Lope absolutely must be, ditto with Lingle. I’m eager to hear your instantiation of Cheyenne, one of the loveliest words ever.

Carol Cantrell

This is the beginning chord of “ the wounded sky,” isn’t it? clever, clever. I noitced some of your other imporvs are starting from mutations off of seeds sprouted in a differeent way. cool. gooD.!