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Chopin F minor Fantasy (introduction)

Here’s a preview of a piece I’m working on — this is the march that opens Chopin’s Fantasty. The whole piece is quite an epic (about 14 minutes), and rather difficult, so I’m not going to be posting the whole thing in the near future.

This opening, however, is neither so long nor so difficult, and so I’m posting a rough version of it as a little appetizer. It almost stands as a little piece on its own, but right where I stop in this recording, instead of winding to a close, the music takes off full throttle.

Fantasy in F minor (introduction)

In the future, the whole thing!



*stares into space* Awsome music…Can’t stop listening. Oh uhm….sorry ^^; This makes me think of….winter…Awsome. I’ll send you a poem, thanks to this song I have the poem in my head. All I need to do is put it in words.I’ll send it to you. Thank you. ^-^ (INSPIRATION~dances~ awsome..ness…blah STUPIDITY LEAK NOT AGAIN!)

Maren de Jong

Looking up “Fantasy in F minor” by Chopin, I blundered into your weblog (through Google).

Absolutely fantastic !

Best regards,

Maren de Jong
a person

I hope you get the full thing up soon. I hope to learn this piece!

a person

Great! I’ve downloaded the sheet music for this and it is indeed a difficult piece. It really takes a pianist to appreciate this piece fully. Nice job at doing that! :)


Your left hand is a little heavy at times. Listen for the singing, melodic tones.