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I'm not dead!

…nor have aliens taken me to a distant world where they keep me in a cage for the amusement of their unwashed masses. No, the reasons for the blog silence are much more mundane: the combination of lots of election volunteering and having all five of my wisdom teeth out hasn’t left me in great shape for posting new recordings. (Yes, five wisdom teeth. I am a mutant.) But fear not! I’ll be back in the saddle soon. And if I return the piano slightly less wise, I will at least now have the life experience of tooth extraction to draw upon in my music — an experience which I assure you is as fascinating as it is disgusting.



So first you refer to yourself as an ex-adult, and now you’ve lost your wisdom teeth. May the new found innocence play out well! We heard two examples of innocence last night: a Max Reger solo cello sonata (?) played by Barbara Thiem, where innocence seemed to my ignorant ear to be represented by an inability to decide what to do next, usually resolved by doing the same thing again, then a Poulenc sonata played by Barbara and Theresa Bogard, with the celestial innocence of a master strategist.



For the record, you’re not the only mutant around. I had an extra set of canines start coming in through the roof of my mouth some years ago that had to be removed in rather grisly dental surgery. People with minor mutations (like extra teeth or red hair) used to be revered as shamans or otherwise holy folk in some tribes (that is, when we weren’t stoned or drowned or otherwise disposed of) so perhaps we should use our extra teeth as yet one more basis for artistic collaboration . . .