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Improvisation: Alcova

Shelter. A safe place.

Paul Cantrell, piano, improvisation

I’m returning from Colorado tomorrow, but it will likely be a while before my piano is back in tune and I’m recording again. Will the blog go silent, you ask? Fear not! I recorded a little round of improvs a few weeks ago, so that’s likely what you’ll be hearing here for the next couple of weeks.

When I post a bunch of improvs in a row like this, part of me cringes at them starting to feel like filler material — but I set out to post recordings twice a week, and by golly, I’m sticking to that! So I hope you can enjoy these pieces for their emotional variety and in-the-moment rawness as you await the Return of the Composer. If nothing else, you can enjoy the names, which Wyoming provided and my parents helped me select.



…a dream of sons leaving


what serendipity - my first venture into blogger’s world, and here is your music, especially the Brahms, Noah’s song, and shards of the Broken Mirror. Thank you. what piano are you recording on? some very nice tones.