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Improvisation: Hoback

Hoback, Wyoming has a population of about 1500. It has nothing to do with this piece — thus the name.

Paul Cantrell, piano, improvisation

(…or does it??)



A fine joke, pretending the piece has nothing to do with Hoback! Disguised as a cozy little far suburb of Jackson Hole for people who’d like a mellower, less expensive domicile (Hoback: Jackson Hole :: Carbondale : Aspen), cognoscenti are aware of its key position near Hoback Peak. Is it any accident that fully 9.5% of its inhabitants hold graduate or specialized degrees, and that among the 2.5% designated as being “foreign born,” 0.3% were born in “Oceania” – i.e., the Universal Ocean? Against a background representing steady, if remarkably hip, scientists, the main right-hand melody in “Hoback” clearly references the playfulness of the alien who has long been studied at 17 Bleeker Lane, and who can be occasionally seen boarding when the snow is exceptionally fine. (I hear Thelonious Monk in that melody, and will leave it to other readers to work out his connection to all this, well known to Paul since childhood. I offer only a hint: Reflect for a moment on the supposed birthplace of this hooded and shady “Monk” – Rocky Mount, NC.) Finally, consider this: If you draw a line from Hoback Peak to the Devil’s Tower, thence to Casper, and back to Hoback Peak, you get a triangle! I think that should seal the case pretty well.




Well, I guess the hidden structure was kind of obvious….