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Improvisation: Meeteetse

Meeteetse: from a Shoshone term for “nearby”. A sparkling word that still lingers on stolen land, and it seemed to fit this piece.

Paul Cantrell, piano, improvisation

In case you’re wondering (not that it’s likely you were), I come up with the piece first, then choose a title that fits. It’s usually the same way with the compositions.



I very much like the points where a more lyrical line strolls by (at 25% of my progress bar and right around the middle, in the lower keys).

On a technical note, some of the recordings, at least on my headphones, have had a sudden cessation of whatever the sound is that you don’t really hear except when it cuts out, after the music is done – a sort of “whump” of what isn’t there any more. This recording vanishes with perfect smoothness to my ear.

I’m beginning to picture a tour of newly famous Wyoming towns…