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Improvisation: Smoot

What do you do when your piano’s a touch out of tune? You record an improv like this. Or at least I do.

Paul Cantrell, piano, improvisation

Oh, you say you wanted a piano improv with actual notes? Well then, check out Chris Morris’s very clever tip of the hat to the In the Hands improvs. Yes, it’s this site’s very first piece of fan art ever — and nicely done at that! So awesome. Thanks, Chris!

He has a bunch of other music on his site, more jazz-leaning and thus a nice counterpoint to the stuff here, all ready for your downloading and listening delectation. Don’t keep the man waiting. Go visit!


Bill Cushman

Good stuff. I kept waiting for the keys!! got me.

I wish my stuff could sound half as good as yours.


Ghost Notes

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner

That one was pretty unexpected. I actually thought it sounded like it belonged somewhere in the middle of “Triplets of Belleview”.

Also, it made me think of flaming torches. I shall have to find some now and record a video for your song someday…

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner

In the Hands meets Stomp - very nice. I personally think there’s a lot of character in a slightly out-of-tune piano, although I don’t doubt that your ear is quite a bit more discerning than mine.


Yes, As I have always said:
“The pIano IS a drum” ( although a rather echo-y one).
Bravo. I love the range of entries: Chopin to smoot.
could be the name of a CD!