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Improvisation: Torrington Lope

Today’s improv is a quirky, silly little thing — a lopsided dance for good (if uneven) measure. I encourage you to invent some dance steps to go with it, and post any here that didn’t result in physical injury.

Torrington Lope
Paul Cantrell, piano, improvisation



Excellent! I was hoping for something lopsidedly torrid, and there’s just a touch here of fantango that does the trick.

As to the dance, I think we should leave it to P. D. Q. Bach – it may call for someone who has one leg shorter than the other.

I actually knew the Poet Laureate of Wyoming – I think I may now know the State Musician. (“There are just as many notes, Governor Freudenthal, as are required; neither more nor less.”)


I actually have the daughter of the governor of Wyoming in one of the classes I teach . . .

Dances are lovely, but how ‘bout some Bach?