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The Broken Mirror of Memory (cello version), 2nd mvmt

This is one movement of my cello piece, The Broken Mirror of Memory. Unlike most of the recordings in this blog, this isn’t a recording from my home studio, but rather from a concert at Macalester. And yes, I admit, it’s actually an old recording (2003), which is sort of cheating on this whole “two new recordings every week” scheme — but it is at least previously unreleased, so I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway.

The cellist is Diana Frazier, a family friend who was just wonderful in taking on the huge task of learning this piece (the whole thing is about 20 minutes, and it’s not easy). Alas, we never really got a chance to record the whole thing properly in its finished form — I have decent recordings of the 2nd and 4th movements from this concert, but the other two I have only in a “quick and dirty” form. And since she lives in Lincoln, NE, which is quite a hike from Minneapolis, we may not get a chance to record it soon. I do hope we get a chance eventually, and if we do, you’ll read about it here!

The Broken Mirror of Memory, Part 2 (cello version)

This movement begins on page 6 of the score.


kathy mctavish

i am completely taken by this! haunting / riveting