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Zo for Oct 8

Tonight was a pleasantly social concert. My fellow composer Matthew (from the Composers’ Syndicate) brought his whole family over, making this the first Zo Family Night ever. His kids, who are great in general, were a great audience, and drew some awesome pictures while I was playing. And I had the pleasure of introducing Matthew’s wife Lauren, who illustrates picture books, to the wonder that is the Church Mouse books.

Denise, a fine singer I know from buying sheet music at The Podium, also came and was an honorary part of the family. Alas, The Podium is not going to sell sheet music anymore, focusing only on guitars. I will thus not make such acquaintances there in the future since the only guitar I play is the 200-some-string variety. As far as I know, this leaves us without a good classical sheet music store in the Twin Cities. The silver lining is that all their classical sheet music is now 75% off, so a I highly recommend that all you locals dash over there and clean them out.

The music, you say? Oh yes, there was some of that, too. You know, I think I’m actually on the verge of playing that Chopin ballade well.

  • Cantrell – Three Places
  • Brahms – Intermezzo Op 117 No 2
  • Brahms – Intermezzo Op 117 No 1
  • Chopin – Ballade No 3

  • Cantrell – Cradle Waltz
  • Chopin – Nocturne Op 15 No 2
  • Chopin – Nocturne Op 15 No 3
  • Brahms – Ballade Op 10 No 4



Hmmm. It’s neither here nor there, really, but the Podium is the only store in Minnesota from which I’ve purchased sheet music. I’m oddly sad that they won’t carry it any longer…