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Zo-tastic (Fri, Aug 27)

I’m very happy with tonight’s concert — the best Zo yet, I think. The piano was sounding great, and most pieces went well — several about as well as I’ve ever played them. None of yesterday’s muddle-headedness (what was that about, anyway?). The audience seemed to be right with me the whole time — Carei actually laughed out loud after Entropic (messy though it was), and they all seemed pleased afterwards … at least I think so, though I’ll let them speak for themselves by posting comments below (hint hint).

Shirley & Tom Kysilko have the distinction of being my first repeat Zo listeners. Congratulations! Please accept this blog post as a modest prize.

  • Schumann – Bunte Blätter 6
  • Bach – Sinfonia 5
  • Carei Thomas – Fragrance XIV: Cjalme
  • Cantrell – Cradle Waltz
  • Cantrell – Entropic Waltz
  • Brahms – Intermezzo Op 116 No 4
  • Chopin – Nocturne Op 55 No 1
  • Todd Harper – Thoughts at 4 AM
  • Cantrell – In a Perfectly Wounded Sky
  • Brahms – Intermezzo Op 117 No 1
  • Chopin – Ballade No 3

Still trying to figure out the mechanics of the ritual of these concerts: how to start it, how to end it, how to welcome people on their way in and out, etc. I gave a little spoken introduction to the concert; not sure if that was helpful to the audience or not, though I do think it gave me a better chance to focus myself. Any thoughts from those who were there?



This was a really wonderful experience - great people, great music, and a great piano. Paul, I thought your introductory remarks were really nice. As this is not a usual concert type of experience, it’s good to have the host set the tone by explaining what it has been (or what you’ve hoped and expected it might be).

I was right with you the whole time - you played beautifully and the program was varied (but also as coherent as I would have wanted it).

Carei F. Thomas

Paul-Joyce and I symbiotically were able to see “the forest” and “the trees”due
to the intracircular motion of your program….a kind of grand gesture done in plain ole “now-time” with hints of Rousseau and Tzara somewhere in the wings…….that’s butterfly wings(of course).
I was humbly honoured to have one of my ‘Fragrances’ act as connective-tissue to the heavyweights of the evening.

Your warm/easy hosting and ‘after-performance dialogue’ was welcoming and afforded mingle time necessary to grow this Turn of the Century salon
thing from common ground.

It appears not as a conundrum that, THE OLD or NEW WHOLE IS STILL EQUAL

Please More,
Carei F. and Joyce M. Thomas

Carei F. Thomas