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A new audio logo!

Sorry for the long hiatus. It’s been a busy time: my latest sabbatical is running to its end, I’m broke, and back to job hunting. So I’ve been having to put aside the music and be all practical lately.

Still, I have not left In the Hands completely neglected. Listening to some other podcasts — and some of those old school … what are they called? … oh yes, radio shows — I noticed what a difference a really nice audio logo or theme song makes. It functions as an announcement, of course: “Pay attention! Your show is on!” And it’s a cue to get in the right frame of mind to enjoy what’s coming next. But most of all, I realized I love the ritual of the theme song, the anticipation and cozy excitement that comes from the conditioning of hearing the same theme again and again. It’s amazing how deep that conditioning goes: though they are from my single-digit years, my heartbeat still involuntarily quickens when I hear these unmistakable sounds! (Yay for Delia Derbyshire.)

The trick is, I don’t want a tune that’s so catchy it interferes with the music I’m about to play; my opening music needs to have a sort of palate-cleansing effect. I decided the thing to do was to make a collage of several different pieces, to get you in that piano mood without a piano tune in your head. Here’s the what I came up with.

This new audio logo won’t make much difference to those of you reading the text version, but for those listening to the podcast, here’s how it sounds as part of an episode.

(For those of you who didn’t even know there’s an audio version of this commentary, here are instructions for subscribing in iTunes.)


Joe Dolson

Not being an iTunes user, I haven’t had the chance to try out the podcasting aspect of this blog - but I certainly like this new audio logo you’ve created! Though a disparate mix of compositions, the blend of sounds shifts through recognizable works and sweeps of harmony in a very, well, Cantrellian manner. Nice!


Thanks, Joe. Bonus points if you (or anyone else) can identify all six pieces included in the logo! (There are also some bits recorded for the logo that aren’t part of any piece, such as the opening note.)

Also, I should point out that there are programs other than iTunes which support podcasting, such as the classic iPodder.


Hey thats so awesome….. i managed to open and play in windows media player…
cant tell what pieces you’ve used though… theres 6 aren’t there??
I love the contrast between the start and the second quieter section!!!

Andrew Kochie

I miss your music bro - hope the job hunt works out for you soon.

Andrew Kochie